Kent State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled at the Kent Campus and the Regional Campuses.

Scholarship awards are based on a variety of criteria. CAED students can receive  support from a variety of sources including opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students in all CAED programs*.  Some scholarships are directed specifically toward CAED global education programs.



We are sorry, the deadline has passed
Deadline to apply is February 15th, 2023 by midnight.

Open to all graduate and undergraduate students in CAED programs
*Please also submit a portfolio if in Fall 2023, you will be in your 3rd or 4th year of the BS of Architecture, or Interior Design or a graduate student in Architecture,  Landscape Architecture or Urban Design. Send the portfolio in PDF format and title it as Lastname_Firstname_Portfolio. Send to Amanda Colucci at


We are sorry, the deadline has passed
Deadline to apply is February 15th, 2023 by midnight.
*CAED Florence scholarships are open to students who in the  Fall of 2023 will be 3rd year Architecture, Interior Design, Architectural Studies and Construction Management students planning to attend the Florence program in the Academic Year 2023-2024, in either the Fall 2023 semester or Spring 2024 semester.




A.I.A. Akron Chapter Endowed Scholarship

CAED Class of 1980 Semester Abroad Endowed Scholarship 

Holland Family Study Away Scholarship

Mel and Mary Falle Graduate Architecture Scholarship

The DesignGroup Scholarship

A.I.A. Cleveland Charter Scholarship

CAED Class of 1980 Semester Abroad Endowed Scholarship 

James & Tara Wenger Family Scholarship Fund

Nader Hamed Endowment Fund

The Elliot Family Foundation Architectural Scholarship

A.I.A. Ohio 

CAED Classes of '86 &'87 Semester Abroad Scholarship Fund

James W. and Nancy S. Arthur Architecture Scholarship

Nancy and James Dalton Architecture Scholarship

The Elliot Scholars

American Concrete Institute NEO Chapter Construction Management Scholarship 

CAED Florence Study Abroad

Jeffrey L. Glavan Semester in Florence Scholarship

The National Electrical Contractors Association NECA Scholarship

The Gray Family Scholarship

Architectural Studies Scholarship Fund

CESO Scholarship

John E. Holland Endowed Architecture Scholarship

The Mark and Judy Ohlinger Healthcare Design Scholarship

The Jonathan Sandvick Endowment Fund

Architecture & Environmental Design Scholarship

Charles L. Harker Scholarship in Architecture

Joseph Morbito Study Abroad Fund

Osyp Martyniuk Scholarship Fund

The Michael Domokur Florence Scholarship

Architecture Class of 1978 Scholarship

The Chuck Fell Construction Management Scholarship

Kenneth M. Harth Endowed Scholarship

Paul J. and Agnes L. Gates Memorial Scholarship

The MK Vanguard Scholarship for Interior Design

Architecture Scholarship Fund

Clyde A. and Ruth L. Patterson End Scholarship for Architecture

KSU ASID - Interior Design Scholarship

Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Inc. Scholarship

The Phillips/Sekanick Memorial Scholarship

Armstrong Family Scholarship for the College Architecture & Environmental Design

Construction Management Alumni Scholarship

Lisa Wannemacher Architecture Scholarship

Scott R. Womack Memorial Scholarship

The Professor Joseph Schidlowski Alumni Florence Scholarship

Associated General Contractors Endowed Scholarship

Dave and Tina Larson Architecture Scholarship

Master of Health Care Design Scholarship Fund

Sketch and Learn - The European Experience Scholarship

The Thomas Angeloff Architecture Scholarship Fund

Barbara & Joseph Schidlowski Architectural Scholarship

DS Architecture Scholarship

Master of Landscape Design Scholarship Fund Fund

Patrick Killen

Turner Construction Company Scholarship for Construction Management

Bardes Architecture Scholarship

Edward & Bonnie Prusak Architectural Scholarship 

Master of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design Scholarship Fund

The Allen and Terri Maurer Scholarship for Interior Design

Vocon Interior Design Endowed Scholarship

Bostwick Design Partnership Architectural Scholarship

Eugene Szabo Memorial Scholarship

Master of Urban Design Scholarship Fund

The Brewer-Garrett Company Construction Management Scholarship


Braun & Steidl Scholarship in Architecture

George Bryant & Edith Abbot Student Aid

MCAA John R Gentille Scholarship

The Collaborative/KSU Graduates Scholarship


CAED - International Studies

Glen and Nancy Schultz Architecture Scholarship

Mechanical Contractors' Association of Cleveland Endowed Scholarship

The Darrel L. Seibert Architectural Endowed Scholarship