Provide a safe and reliable facility for research and exploration in design and fabrication processes using the inherent tools, materials, and technology.

Visit the CAED FabLAB Sharepoint for policies, scheduling, supply store, tutorials, and announcements. 

CAED FabLAB Sharepoint

FabLAB Safety Training

Fabrication is extremely rewarding and critical to the mission of the CAED, but it is also inherently dangerous, even for professionals. Special training is required to use any powered equipment without immediate direct supervision by FabLAB staff. These specialized training sessions are by appointment and at the availability of qualified staff.

All users must complete the FabLAB Safety Training prior to using the equipment in the FabLAB.
In the FabLAB, safety is the most important word. Students, faculty, and staff are all required to complete the FabLAB Safety Training before any use of the facility and its equipment will be permitted. The FabLAB is available for academic pursuits only, and its use is at the discretion of managing staff.

The Fabrication Lab (FabLAB) has a growing suite of equipment:


Wood Shop

  • Saw Stop Industrial Cabinet Saw
  • Miter saw
  • 14” Jet bandsaw
  • 18” Jet bandsaw
  • Powermatic combination sander
  • 8” Jet Jointer
  • 12” Dewalt planer
  • 6” Jet edge sander
  • Jet drill press
  • Kreg router table
  • Suite of Festool power tools
  • Suite of Kreg Jigs and tools

Metal Lab

  • 14” Morse cutoff saw
  • Drill press
  • Jet 12” disc sander
  • Lincoln Electric MIG and TIG welders
  • Lincoln Electric plasma cutter
  • 4’ x 4’ Torchmate CNC plasma cutter
  • Jet horizontal bandsaw

Additional Equipment Resources

  • 3 axis LAGUNA 4’ x 8’ router
  • 2 17.5" x 17.5" Shapeoko CNC routers
  • 6 axis Kuka KR60HA robotic arm
  • 32” x 48” Centroform vacuum former


You must be currently enrolled as a student or currently employed by Kent State University to make purchases through the FabLAB Supply Store.


FabLAB equipment collage


The FabLAB is located on the basement level of the CAED at 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent OH.


FabLAB is closed for studio cleanout through 5/27/24
Summer  – 5/28/24 – 8/18/24*
9:00AM - 5:00PM

*Hours subject to change based on staffing availability. Please contact FabLAB staff in advance to schedule and coordinate access to the shop. * Must be currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff.


Phone: 330-672-1590

Email: CAED-fablab@kent.edu


Credits: Created with images by Chris Ralston - "untitled image" • Simon Caspersen - "Power drill" • BarelyFitz - "spinning wheel" • agordon1 - "IMG_0095" • Russ Ward - "Plasma Cutter" • jarmoluk - "robot arm technology"