Studio Culture

The CAED promotes a positive and respectful learning environment through the fundamental values of optimism, respect, sharing, engagement and innovation among the members of the student body, faculty, staff and administration. The CAED encourages students and faculty to appreciate these values as guiding principles of professional conduct. Although expectations are high, the CAED recognizes a balanced life and well rounded university education are critical for each student's personal growth. 


Students working on a project together


CAED studios are classroom environments which foster independent and collaborative inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge and management skills, and the establishment of a strong work ethic to enhance students' professional growth.  Peer and faculty review within studio stimulates questions, strengthens dialogue, supports critical and creative thought, and promotes the discovery and application of new knowledge. Studio fosters design thinking through research and is a forum for design innovation and exploration with the goal of improving quality of life.  

CAED studios encourage life-long learning through establishing foundations in design thinking, research habits and the integration of life experiences in the pursuit of excellence in design. 

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