Master of Urban Design | College of Architecture & Environmental Design | Kent State University

Master of Urban Design

Urban design at Kent State University centers on the need for knowledgeable specialists who possess significant ability to identify opportunities in the urban environment that provide for design solutions to the most complex problems we encounter. The faculty seeks to guide students through rigorous curricula focused on the application of research in the design of layered and mutually reinforcing systems and public spaces. Projects range from neighborhood plans to large-scale urban and regional initiatives engaging cultural and environmental concerns.

Powered by close collaboration between faculty, the curriculum is an integrated approach to knowledge through courses that thoroughly investigate the theory and practice of urban design and draw extensively on allied design and planning fields. The programs focuses on the development and deployment of sustainable strategies in the search for solutions to the challenges of industrial and post-industrial communities.

Project locations are often in Cleveland and similar regional cities, but they address far-reaching global concerns. Students can engage in applied research in the re-design of “Cities Growing Smaller,” systemic approaches to the development of urban environments, considerations of place and identity and the place-making potential of infrastructure. Further directions include the design of cities and neighborhoods that promote physical and mental health, studies of sustainable infrastructures that support sustainable ecological systems, the adaptation of traditional models of urbanism to changing conditions, and the future of urban economies as it relates to physical place-making.

A variety of graduate assistantships, scholarships, research, and work opportunities are available to both new and returning graduate students.