First Year Supply List

First Year Supply List
Fall 2020

Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design

AED 10101 + 10102 Design Foundations Studio I & II        07.30.2019


[FALL 2020 + SPRING 2021] MATERIALS LIST_________________________________________________________

To Be Provided by the College of Architecture and Environmental Design:

  • Vyco Vinyl Desktop Cover and Drawing Board (yours to keep)
  • Drafting lamp (yours to use while enrolled in studio)
  • Storage cabinet (yours to use while enrolled in studio)


  • Drafting Chair [While there are many acceptable options from which to choose, the Boss B16216 Mesh Drafting Stool with adjustable seat and with or without arms  (available from Amazon for $100 and numerous other online retailers) is recommended. In addition, we recommend that you purchase a set of soft rubber caster wheels (also available on Amazon for around $15) as the hard casters standard on this type of chair will not effectively grip the polished concrete floors in the new building. Of course you DO NOT need to purchase this particular chair but do remember that you will be using this for the next 4 to 5 years and comfort and durability are key. Students are encouraged to use a cable lock to secure their stool to their assigned desk. During the semester, students usually leave their supplies and stools locked up in studio as we encourage you to do most if not all your studio work in the studio.
  • 36” Aluminum T-square
  • Selection of Fine Art Pencils (minimum 2 each H, HB, 2B, 4B)
  • Good quality pencil sharpener
  • 8” Acrylic Adjustable Triangle
  • 45 Degree Triangle
  • 30/60 Degree Triangle
  • Circle Template
  • Magic Rub Eraser
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Metal Erasing Shield
  • Triangular Architect’s Scale
  • Drafting tape (not masking tape)
  • X-Acto Knife and No. 11 Blades
  • Vinyl Self-healing Cutting Mat (18 x 24)
  • 24” Flexible Stainless Steel Flat Ruler with Cork Backing
  • Scissors 
  • Rubber Cement 
  • India Ink
  • Painting Supplies_
    • An artist’s quality watercolor set - palette or a minimum of 5 different tubes (no Crayola!)
    • A minimum of 3 different sized brushes (make sure they are for water-based media and not for oil)
    • A palette of some type such as a tin or glass pie plate
    • 2-3 small jars for water
  • Several Fine Line and Regular Tip Sharpie Markers (black)
  • Compressed Charcoal Sticks (not vine)
  • 18” Roll Yellow/White Tracing Paper
  • 19” X 24” Strathmore Bristol Vellum Tablet (no spiral bound – no exceptions!)
  • 5” 8.25” Sketchbook
  • Stainless steel push pins (box of 100)
  • Storage box for organizing supplies (something to keep your smaller tools organized inside the lockable storage cabinet we will provide you with -- can be as simple as a small plastic storage bin and as fancy as an art supply tackle box)
  • Combination or key lock to secure your storage locker

The following items will need to be purchased as specific exercises/projects are assigned:

  • Model Building Materials (chip board, pulp board, museum board, bass wood, foam core, etc.)
  • Various Model Building Glues (Sobo, Tacky Glue, etc.)
  • A camera (high quality cellular phone, manual, digital, and/or throw away). You may plan to share with other students.

Materials can be purchased online or from the following local supply locations when you arrive on campus:


  • Kent State University Bookstore
  • All Media Art Supply, 417 E. Main Street, Kent, OH
  • Utrecht
  • AA Blueprint
  • Pat Catan
  • Office Max
  • Staples

In addition, a Blick-U shopping list has been created at You may find the list by searching Blick-U lists for Kent State University and AED 10101. Dick Blick often offers a 20% (or greater) discount and free shipping for orders over $45. This list has been created for your information and convenience – please feel free to shop around for comparable supplies.



COMPUTER REQUIREMENT The college requires that students entering the CAED have a mid-range to high-end consumer-grade laptop. Please see for detailed specifications. The College will update these specifications on an annual or biannual basis to match advances in software and hardware requirements.


Please note the Design Foundations Studio requires that the following software is installed and running on your laptop:



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