2023 Integrated Design Studio Award Winners

The Integrated Design Studio is a forum that synthesizes four years of architectural education into one project. The course tests the student’s ability to bring a variety of issues to bear; placing concepts, technical systems, material construction, and formal ambition into integrated relationships. Design work from the 2023 IDS class is exemplary of the richness possible when architecture is engaged across its broad disciplinary and cultural range. The high-quality design work from this year’s class is a testament to each student’s education and the fortitude of each group. They transformed complex requirements into highly successful projects under adverse circumstances and have demonstrated their readiness to engage in future education and professional work with equal acumen.

1st Place Best Overall Project - Mission District Transitional Housing, By Logan Ali & Logan West. Faculty: Nick Safley

Ali and West


Pella Award for the Best Integrated Façade System - Shaping Community, By Dominic Holiday & Justin Levelle. Faculty: Nick Safley

Holiday and Levelle

Merit Award - Grid Shift, By Amy Li & Charles Nettle. Faculty: Matt Hutchinson

Li and Nettle


Merit Award - SF Holzbau, By Luke Manning & Samuel Schroeder. Faculty: Matt Hutchinson

Manning and Schroeder

Honorable Mention - Axial Relations, By Sabrina Pettinato & Daniel Sounik. Faculty: Bill Lucak

Pettinato and Sounik

Honorable Mention - (A)Round Commons, By Nguyen Le & Katelyn Eng. Faculty: Nick Safley

_Le and Eng


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