Architecture Studio Competition Awards: Spring 2020

This Spring, we were impacted by unexpected events that completely transformed our lives. Events that made us question our social interactions and the use of space.

The conditions raised by COVID-19 challenged how we teach and learn in unprecedented ways. As we quickly transitioned to remote teaching in a field that highly benefits from face to face interaction for content delivery, community building, and peer-to-peer learning, we saw an opportunity to find the best tools and projects to continue our mission. As a result, We dedicated the studios in the Spring term to operate as a design competition at both the section and year levels. We are incredibly impressed with the work the students completed during these strange times, and we genuinely believe this experience has made us more adaptable, nimbler, and notably better designers.

I want to congratulate the students recognized with the following awards. 

- Ivan Bernal, Director of Architecture and Urban Design





Benjamin Cyvas | Professors Sol Camacho + Brendan Ho

Zuzana Kubisova | Professor Thom Stauffer

Hallie Schuld | Professor Jon Yoder



Jonathan Bonezzi + Ryan Lane | Professor Luis Santos

Aidan Crossey + Denver Curtis | Professor Nick Safley



Kody Kocias | Professor Danny Wills

Haley Yuhasz | Professor Jean Jaminet



Regina Gonano | Professor Kyle Zook

Brandon Meyerl | Professor Brendan Ho



Nguyen Le | Professor Katie Strand

Emily Hovest | Professor Christopher Gaone

Kaitlyn Uram | Professor Jonathan Penvose

Anderson Riley |  Professor Keyla Hernandez




GRADUATE - Thom stauffer

First Place | Zuzana Kubisova

Second Place | Lin Chaunlin



First Place | Hallie Schuld

Second Place | Jennifer Roebuck


GRADUATE - Greg Stroh

First Place | Gabriela Gonzales Allende

Second Place | MaryKate McCafferty


GRADUATE - Sol Camacho / brendon Ho

First Place | Benjamin Cyvas

Second Place | William Rich


GRADUATE - Quilian Riano

First Place | Kaitlyn Boniecki

Second Place | Chad Boston

fourth year - nick safley

First Place | Denver Curtis + Aidan Crossey


fourth year - Scott lukens

First Place | Kyle Troyer + Kelly Deak


fourth year - Bill Lucak

First Place | Wesley Claudy + Grant O'Bryan


fourth year - Stacie Burtelson

First Place | Branden Hudak + Yu-Ting Chang


fourth year - Luis Santos

First Place | Kelly Daugherty + Kristyn Svetlak


fourth year - Bob Kobet

First Place | Alyssa Arbogast + Lauren Biltz

third year - Diane Davis-sikora

First Place | Erica Adams

Second Place | Nicholas Patrick


third year - Taraneh Meshkani

First Place | Foster T. Rak

Second Place | Rachel Kidd


third year - Keyla Hernandez

First Place | Hannah Wiford

Second Place | Haley Scott


third year - Jean Jaminet

First Place | Caleb O'Bryon

Second Place | Haley Yuhasz


third year - Danny wills

First Place | Ezra Bard

Second Place | Kody Kocias

second year - Greg stroh

First Place | Lucas Denmeade

Second Place | Madeline Shaub


second year - Kyle Zook

First Place | Christina Bara

Second Place | Regina Gonano


second year - Anna Acklin

First Place | Troy Oblack

Second Place | Aiden Sisil


second - Brendan Ho

First Place | Brandon Meyerl

Second Place | Elijah Radosevich


second year - Ryan Scavnicky

First Place | Feyza Mutlu

Second Place | Toby Chame


second year - Charles Harker

First Place | Eric Campbell

Second Place | Anthony O'Donnell


second year - Zahra Safaverdi

First Place | Oluwatobi Karim

Second Place | Rees Jones

first year - Adam Yaracs

Logan Ali


first year - Mika Ito

Nathan Carpenter


first year - spires

Sarah Drury


first year - Zach Forney

Dillon Evans


first year - Christopher Gaone

Emily Hovest


first year - thom stauffer

Alyssa Juarez


first year - Katie Strand

Nguyen Le


first year - beau Bock

Megan Smith


FIRST YEAR - malaz elgemiabby

Daniel Sounik


first year - David thal

Amel Taftaf


first year - Katie Strand

Logan West


Architectural studies - Brett Tippey

First Place | Grace Dabernig

Second Place | Zane Longwell


POSTED: Monday, June 15, 2020 - 12:21pm
UPDATED: Friday, June 19, 2020 - 4:54pm