Reid Coffman, Ph.D.


Dr. Coffman, has helped establish the global understanding of green roofs as constructed urban ecosystems and is a leading figure in the area of living architecture.

Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Living Architecture (GOLA) Center, the Editor of the Journal of Living Architecture, Executive Board Member/Chair of the International Research Committee on Living Architecture (GRHC) and Director of the Novel Ecology Design Lab (NEDLab). At Kent State, he is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Masters of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design. His teaching focuses on interdisciplinary coursework to aid students in the understanding, conceptualization, design, and construction of contrived ecological systems. He uses narratives to help construct socio-ecological linkages that assist in the creation and understanding of place.


  • Living Architecture (ARCH 56995)

  • Urban Ecological Systems (ARCH/LARC 60602)

  • Research Studio: Living architecture and biological diversity  (LARC 60105)

  • Contrived Natures (ARCH 46995)

  • Methods of Inquiry (ARCH/LARCH 60922)

Dr. Coffman leads and advises doctoral and masters students in dissertation, thesis and graduate projects in CAED, Kent State and other institutions. 


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Architecture & Environmental Design







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