Sara Bayramzadeh, Ph.D., M.Arch.

Sara Bayramzadeh, Ph.D., M.Arch.

Architecture & Environmental Design
Coordinator and Elliot Professor
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Dr. Sara Bayramzadeh joined Kent State University, as the Coordinator of and Elliot Professor in the Healthcare Design program, in 2018. She is recognized for her research on psychiatric units and operating rooms designs. Sara is interested in interdisciplinary research efforts to enhance healthcare outcomes through effective environmental design. Such outcomes include efficiency and the safety and satisfaction of both patients and staff. As an advocate of interdisciplinary collaborations, she believes true innovation emerges from learning in the context of such collaborative efforts.

In addition, she is interested in opportunities to bridge academia and practice for design solutions derived from research and actively looks for ways to promote research in design practice. Her practice-based research experience includes collaborations with HGA Architects and Engineers and BBH Design.

Her research on outpatient facilities design, psychiatric units design, and surgical environments has appeared in journals such as Health Environments Design & Research, Applied Ergonomics, and BMJ Quality & Safety. Sara has been a recipient of multiple national and international awards, such as 2016 Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award from the American Society of Interior Designers for outstanding dissertation and 2018 Best Paper Award from Applied Ergonomics Journal. She is a member of the AIA’s Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH). She is also involved with the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation, AAH Next Generation Committee, and the AIA Cleveland Healthcare.

Before joining Kent State, Sara has held appointments as a Research Assistant Professor in Clemson University’s Architecture + Health program, a member of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing, and a Lecturer at the University of Kentucky. She holds a Master of Architecture from Miami University and a Ph.D. in Design, Construction and Planning with a concentration in Interior Design from the University of Florida (2015).


Ph.D. in Design, Construction and Planning, Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering


Evidence-Based Design | Healthcare Design | Patient Safety in Healthcare Facilities


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  • Healthcare Environment Award | Conceptual Category | 2021 Team Effort
  • The U40 List – AIA Academy of Architecture for Health List of Healthcare Design's Best Under 40 | 2021
  • New Faculty Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award | Kent State University | 2020
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patient Safety Learning Lab Grant | Principal Investigator for "Toward a Model of Safety and Care for Trauma Room Design" in the amount of $2.4 m
  • Applied Ergonomics Journal | Best Paper Award for "Using an integrative simulation approach for evidence-based evaluation of the operating room prototypes" Article | 2019 | Team Effort
  • The EBD Touchstone Award | Gold (Conceptual Category) Awardee | 2017 | Team Effort
  • EDRA Certificate of Research Excellence (CORE) | 2017 | Team Effort
  • National Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award for Outstanding Dissertation | 2016

Research Institutes and Initiatives

Brain Health Research Institute, Healthy Communities Research Initiative