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Few countries are as important and controversial as the Federal Republic of Germany. 

This unique education abroad program introduces students from a range of majors to a one-of-a-kind learning experience traveling through the Federal Republic of Germany while addressing questions like: What explains German politics? What lessons does Germany offer for the United States? How was Germany able to become an economic success story and a leader among countries promoting greater European unification and democracy?

Highlights include:

  • Visits and tours of Frankfurt, Dresden, Berlin, Erfurt and Weimar - all centers of Germany's vibrant history and culture;
  • Briefings with economists at the European Central Bank and Social Science Research Center in Berlin, and briefings with German federal, state and local parliamentarians;
  • Tours of Jewish life in Erfurt, Buchenwald Concentration Camp, and a prison of the former East German secret police;
  • Bike tour and street art tour of Berlin;
  • Museum tours spectacular art museums in Dresden and Potsdam.
  • Boat rides along the rivers Main, Spree and Elbe.

This program is open to Kent State and non-Kent State students, as well as community stakeholders. Non-KSU students/community stakeholders will be required to apply to the university as a guest student and enroll in a 1-credit hour course, in addition to the program fee associated with this course. 


3 Credit Hour

POL 40995/HIST 49195

Program Dates: May 22 - June 7, 2019
Professors: Dr. Mark Cassell 

Cost Breakdown

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Administrative Fees (includes International

Health Insurance and OCDE Fee)



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Program fee includes: Airfare, Accommodations, In-Country Transportation, Museum Entrance and Activity Fees, and some Meals
*Estimated Personal Cost (Not Included): Passport ($135), Meals (~$350), and spending money (~$250)
**Final program fee subject to change; Updated July 20, 2018.


Application deadline: January 20, 2019
Non-Refundable Airfare Deposit:  January 30, 2019 | $1,000.00
2nd Payment***:  April 4, 2019 | $1,910.00
NOTE: Space is limited; Program could reach capacity before application deadline 


*Payments are to be made online through the program website. You may start your payments immediately upon acceptance on this program. There are no exceptions for late payments and failure to make a payment by the deadline will result in forfeiting your seat on the program.
**This program is offered during May Intersession. For students seeking to use summer financial aid, please be aware that the funds will not be dispersed until approximately 10 days prior to the start of Summer I, and will not be available at your payment deadlines. Summer financial aid may have additional requirements, please see Financial Aid's website for more details. If you receive financial aid for the fall and spring semester, contact Alana Thompson, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid at to discuss your additional options

Syllabus 2019

Germany Pre-Application

If you have been accepted by Dr. Cassell to participate in this program: 

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Student Testimonials

“The trip was seriously, and I am absolutely serious, the most fun and memorable experience of my entire life; I will never forget it for as long as I live, and the only regret is that it did not last longer . . .I met awesome people with whom I hope to continue to see for a long time to come; I did things I thought that I would never do, or that I thought I would never have the opportunity to do.” – KSU student, Matt Williams.

“I’m going to miss this trip so much. It was a wonderful experience and I can honestly say I’d do it 10 times over. I made 13 new friends and explored countless new things. . . It is really an experience I won’t forget” - KSU student, Dora Biter

“Everything about the trip. The entire thing was priceless and I’m very lucky to have been apart of it. There wasn’t one minute where I complained about anything. It was truly great.” – KSU student, Michael Marefka"

Contact Information

Dr. Mark K. Cassell |
Professor, Department of Political Science

Alyssa Mazey l
Assistant Director of International Programs and Education Abroad