Breakout Session Descriptions: 10:40-11:40 am

10:40 – 11:40 am
Breakout Sessions

Room 313: Designing Quality Master Courses

In this session, two presenters from different institutions will present their perspective on designing a "Master Course". One will be a more case-based approach centered on collaborative faculty involvement in meeting General Standard 3, and the other will be a more institution-wide perspective on creating Master Courses at scale, including design considerations and delivery opportunities. This session will also touch on QM's Multi-Section Policy, which deals with QM Reviews for master courses.

Room 317: When the QM Rubric Meets Culturally-Responsive Instructional Design

How do you design an online course for a culturally diverse student population?  In this session, we will talk about the cultural perspectives that we should pay attention to when designing an online course. Then, we will promote three design frameworks that can assist with cultural diversity including QM Higher Education Rubric, Universal Design for Learning, and Integrated Multicultural Design.  We will promote culturally responsive instructional design in online courses by discussing the overlapping themes in the frameworks and sharing an application of these frameworks. Finally, we will present some best practices in the development of an International Online Orientation.

Room 306AB: QM Reviews: Four Institutional Perspectives
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In this panel presentation, individuals from four different Ohio institutions will talk about the processes and approaches of implementing Quality Matters reviews.  If your institution is unsure how to move forward with QM informal or formal reviews, come get some great ideas from this panel!