Disaster Training Held at Kent State East Liverpool

Kent State University at East Liverpool recently held an emergency training exercise with the East Liverpool Fire Department, the East Liverpool Police Department and EMS. Kent State security manager Jan Palmer coordinated the training along with Dr. Steve Nameth, dean; police Chief John Lane; and fire Chief William Jones.

Several scenarios were played out, including active shooter drills by volunteers Chris Sanford and Justin Allen. Police officers, firefighters and EMT’s practiced evacuating the building and eliminating the threats. Students volunteered as victims and practiced how they would respond to various life-threatening situations.

The training was part of the campus initiative to ensure the safety of all Kent State students and personnel. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) training was recently offered for all interested students and staff, and the Emergency Response Teams from each campus met earlier to discuss and plan proper protocol in disaster situations.


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