Salem Honors Students Visit Kent Campus

Salem Honors Students Visit Kent Campus 2014

Eleven students from the Kent State Salem Honors Program recently toured the Kent campus, met other students and completed a rigorous scavenger hunt.

Dr. Andrew Pfrenger, assistant professor of English and the Honors Program coordinator, arranged the visit. “The scavenger hunt is designed to familiarize them with the campus,” he explained. “They’re always impressed by the size and beauty of the campus.”

Without the aid of a guide, the students had to locate a variety of items, including some of Kent’s impressive sculptures, books in the library and the buildings of their major departments.

Pfrenger and the students had lunch with Donald Palmer, dean of the Honors College, and his staff, as well as with honor students from the nursing and English programs on the Kent campus. 

“Together, we spoke about the many opportunities the Honors College offers its students, such as studying abroad, getting individual attention from professors, Honors thesis projects, funding opportunities and special recognition at graduation,” Pfrenger said.

Any student interested in learning more about the Honors Program at the Salem campus can contact Pfrenger at


Photo: Honors students (from left) Dylan McKinney, Lauren Baer, Gabrielle Doran, Heather Sutherin, Logan Moff, Samuel Powers, Jacob Boles, Jesse Johns, Katie Miggo, Gabriella Stubbs and Madison Estock with Dr. Andrew Pfrenger.


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