Kent State Transfer Credit Guide

Kent State features two transfer credit planning tools to help future students most efficiently determine how academic credits may transfer to a major.

Please compare the scenarios for when to use each tool and then choose from the Transfer Credit Guide or the Flash Credit Estimator, based on where you are in your academic journey. Note that exam credit crosswalks are located under the tab "Academic Credit" within each exam info page.

When to Use Transfer Credit Guide

Our Transfer Credit Guide shows you how courses taken at another institution will currently transfer to Kent State. These course-to-course articulations are subject to change as new information is available about course descriptions, syllabi, and curriculum changes at other schools. This information can be useful if you are looking to:

  • Supplement courses in your program with electives
  • Study abroad
  • Fulfill a requirement in time for graduation

The guide is a live search tool that allows you to see how transfer credit will articulate to a Kent State course number.  Be sure to use the Frequently Asked Questions link within the guide for further information. Clickable column headers also provide FAQs about that column of information. 

GPS Degree Audit Is Important

When planning future courses, we strongly encourage you to refer to your GPS degree audit and the transfer course planning information on our site. For questions about how to read your GPS degree audit, you can find more information on the Graduation & Degree Planning System (GPS) website. If you still have questions after using the guide, you can contact us through our Inquiry form. Please include the course you are interested in.

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When to Use the Flash Credit Estimator

Our Flash Credit Estimator helps you see how your courses might transfer into one of Kent State's academic programs. It is particularly helpful if you:

  • Currently attend another institution
  • Are you looking to transfer to Kent State

How It Works

The Flash Credit Estimator is a tool that allows you to enter the courses you have already taken - and then gives you a peek at how different majors would make the best use of your transfer credit.

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