Current Kent State Students & Transient Coursework

Are you looking to supplement your Kent State program with courses from another institution?  

If so, review the information below before making an appointment with your advisor. You will need to fill out the form linked at the bottom before taking the course.
(Taking courses at another institution to transfer back to your currently enrolled institution is also sometimes called transient coursework. When you contact other institutions, they may refer to it using this word.)

Your first step should be to check out the Kent State Transfer Credit Guide to see how your potential classes will transfer to KSU. The guide will show you the list of courses we have transferred in the past and how they currently articulate to Kent State. You should be aware that course descriptions can change from term to term at other institutions, so getting prior approval for a planned course is critical.

  1. Be sure to review the rules for receiving transfer credit by reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog policy for transfer credit. 
  2. Visit the Graduation Planning System's Majors & Degrees page and get your program Roadmap for your KSU major, minor or certificate to see how this course may count towards your program.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor in your college and complete the form linked below. Fill in all bold areas of the form before meeting with your advisor. Information about transfer schools and course equivalencies can be found on our Transfer Credit Guide (including the school code). Make an advising appointment via your Student Tools tab in Flashline or by visiting the Kent State Advising link.  
  4. Visit Student Financial Aid to access and complete the AD Hoc Consortium Agreement Form on their forms page. For more information about this form, check out the AD Hoc Consortium Agreement information page. Make sure you submit this before taking courses so that our Financial Aid office can help guide you on using your grants! 

Important Transfer Credit Information

If you plan to take advantage of one of Kent State's Education Abroad Programs, you may need to complete additional forms. Contact the Office of Global Education's "Education Abroad" area for more information. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to confirm the "method of instruction" for the course you plan to take with your Education Abroad Advisor. Ensure that you keep in communication with the Education Abroad Office, Student Financial Aid, and your Academic Advisor to ensure that you are meeting the requirements for your program. Communicate any changes to the method of instruction that may occur while taking your course as soon as possible.

AFTER you have taken transfer credits, be sure to have an official transcript sent to the Office of Admissions at Kent State University. If you are ordering an electronic transcript, and the institution requires that you enter an email address to send it to, please use the email address Confirm that your personal information at the sending institution (name changes, date of birth, etc.) matches your Kent State information so that your transcript will be promptly matched to your record.

After you have turned in your transcripts, monitor your mailbox. When your credit has been added to your Kent State record, you will receive an email confirmation from the Credit Transfer Office.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your advisor or send an email inquiry via our website.

Active Graduate level students who wish to transfer credits taken outside the university after matriculating into a Kent State University graduate program must obtain approval from their program for those transfer credits in advance of taking the outside courses. Please first complete "Transfer of Graduate Credit" form, available on the Graduate College Forms Library page, and also attach the form below with your advisor to ensure you are aware of all impacts to your Kent State records.  Visit the Transfer of Graduate Credit catalog policy page for more information regarding transfer of graduate credits.