Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Credit

Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Credit

Kent State University is part of the University System of Ohio (USO). As a member, Kent State follows statewide transfer credit policies that align courses throughout the Ohio system. This allows for easier transfer of your credit and more applicability to academic areas of study. Represented among guaranteed transfer credit initiatives are Advanced Placement, Career- Technical Assurance Guides, Tech-Prep, Ohio Transfer 36, Military Training/Experience, and Transfer Assurance Guides. The State of Ohio is always reviewing transfer initiatives, so check their page often to see if there are any new potential credits they have reviewed for USO schools.

1. What AP Credit does Kent State accept?

Kent State awards AP credit from Official CollegeBoard college score reports. As part of the USO, a minimum score of three is required to earn credit. KSU's code is 1367 for AP credit. In rare circumstances, we may also transfer the credit if the credit appears on your transcript from a previous regionally accredited Ohio school. To order a score report to be sent to Kent State University, contact CollegeBoard at:

Web ordering information: CollegeBoard

Mail: AP Exams P.O. Box 6671 Princeton, NJ 08541 Phone: 1-888-225-5427 E-mail: apexams@info.collegeboard.org

Review KSU AP credit information at the Transfer Center Advanced Placement chart. Visit Ohio Department of Higher Education's website for more information to see how your AP credit aligns with Ohio Public Institutions.

2. Career Technical Assurance Guides/Career-Technical Credit Transfer (Known as CTAGs or CT2)

- What is CTAG credit? 

Students who successfully complete approved and aligned high school career technical programs in the State of Ohio are eligible to have technical credit transfer to Ohio public colleges and universities. This transfer of credit is described in the Career Technical Assurance Guides (CTAG) on the Ohio Department of Higher Education website. The CTAG serves as an advising tool to identify programs and courses that are part of this state-wide transfer agreement, allowing students to easily transition from career technical programs into a college degree program. Visit Ohio's Career Technical Assurance Guide Approved Courses Reporting System for more information on how your CT2 credit aligns with KSU coursework: Career Technical Assurance Guides/ Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT2)

- How do I find out if my CTAG/CT2 course or program was accepted for credit at Kent State?

You should confirm that Kent State offers the degree program for which you are seeking college credit. Your high school or career tech program will report your successful completion of your course and/or exams to the Ohio Department of Higher Education so that credit can be aligned at the Ohio Public Institution where you have applied for admission. Once our office has been notified that you completed a program eligible for Kent State credits, you will receive an email notification asking you to confirm acceptance of those credits. (Don't forget to check your spam folders!) If you have not received an email and you think you may be eligible for credit, contact your program advisor at your high school or technical school so that they can reach out to us to investigate potential credits. To earn the CTAG credit, you must be admitted to Kent State and reply to the email confirmation that was sent to you. Kent State does not issue credits to non-degree seeking students. You will be notified through your Kent State e-mail once the credit has been applied to your student record.

3. What is Ohio College Tech-Prep?

Ohio College Tech Prep (CTP) prepares high school students for post-secondary education and high skill-high demand technical careers. Students enter the CTP programs while in high school and upon completion, are eligible for articulated college credit at Ohio public colleges and universities. Once you have completed these programs, your CTP counselor will advise you on completing a form to apply for college credits to the Ohio Public Institution which you have applied for admission. For more information, visit the CTP website.  For answers to your questions, contact the CTP office at (330)672-5863.

4. What is the Ohio Transfer 36?

The Ohio Transfer 36, previously known as the Ohio Transfer Module, is a subset, or a complete set, of a college's or university's general education requirements. The OT36 contains a minimum of 36 semester hours (or 54 quarter hours) of courses in the fields of (1) English; (2) mathematics; (3) arts/humanities; (4) social and behavioral sciences; (5) natural sciences; and (6) interdisciplinary coursework (optional). All Ohio public institutions contain a set of general education requirements that satisfy the OT36. At Kent State University this is called the "Kent Core Requirements" and can be found in the Kent State Course Catalog. Visit the Ohio Higher Education Transfer Reporting System website for more information on how your OT36/general education courses fit within the Kent Core.

Why is it called the Ohio Transfer 36?

Ohio Transfer 36
Ohio Transfer 36
36 is the minimum number of credit hours a student
needs for the Ohio Transfer 36;

There are 36 public colleges and universities that are part of this statewide guarantee; and

These 36 credit hours are a “route” to academic success and completion of your program.



5. Awarding of College Credit for Military Training/Experience.

Since the introduction of Ohio GI Promise, Kent State University has been among the 36 public colleges and universities that are committed to the acceptance and awarding of college credit for training and experience in the United States Armed Forces or National Guard, as long as it has been approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) or a regional accrediting body, such as the Higher Learning Commission.  If you have a copy of your JST, you can look up the course or occupation codes on the ACE website to see how many credits are recommended for your military experiences. 
For more information visit our military student credit FAQ page


Please note that the Community College of the Air Force is a regionally accredited institution and is treated the same as any other transfer transcript. Credits from CCAF are gladly accepted at Kent State. We participate in CCAF's GEM program as well. Talk to your advisor about how your CCAF degree might help you on your way to a Bachelor's degree.


6. What are Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs)?

Ohio's Transfer Assurance Guides, or TAGs, are introductory level courses that represent common requirements to majors within various Bachelor degrees. Courses and/or course sequences identified as being a part of the TAG system may be offered at any school within the University System of Ohio (USO). TAGs courses transfer as direct equivalents to Kent State courses where those programs are offered and apply to specific majors equitably among all USO institutions. Visit the Ohio Higher Education Transfer Reporting System website for information regarding how your TAGs courses align with KSU coursework or transfer among Ohio schools.