TCE: Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Viewing your Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE)

Once you have logged into your Flashline account…

(If you have trouble accessing your Flashline account, call 330 672-HELP for assistance.)

  1. Click on the link "Student" on the left, then expand "Resources" so that you can click on "Advising and GPS".
  2. In the "Advising and GPS" section, click on "GPS Audit and Plan". A new window will open.
  3. On the left side of the page, under the GPS Audits tab, click on What If.

Select Level: Undergraduate; Degree: Transfer Articulation; Catalog: your catalog year; then click the Process What-If button.

4.When you click Process What-If, you will see your Transfer Credit Evaluation audit. To see how your Kent State University courses are linked to your previous institutions, view the information listed next to “Satisfied by” under each course.

How to read your TCE - GPS View