A Levels

AS and A Levels

The A Level Credit Chart (PDF) gives information about these exams and credits earned for passed exam reports submitted to Kent State University after admission. Specific questions regarding how these credits apply to your selected major course requirements should be directed to your major program's college office.

In accordance with the Alternative Credit policy in our catalog (http://catalog.kent.edu/academic-policies/alternative-credit): “Kent State accepts for credit the successful completion of A-Level qualification (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) that was administered by AQA, Edexcel or the University of Cambridge International Examinations. Students should contact the Office of Global Education for determination of grading, level of study and credit application. Official score reports must be submitted to Kent State Admissions before A-level credit can be applied to a student’s academic record.”

Kent State University must have an official copy of your score report before credit can be awarded. (Notation on the high school transcript will not suffice.) After reviewing the A Level Credit Chart, if you believe that you have earned college credit through an AS or A Level exam, send an official score report to the Admitting office for your campus. AS/A Level credit is evaluated for eligible credits by the Office of Global Education and then processed for all Kent State University campuses by the Credit Transfer Office (330-672-8950). For more information on ordering score results to be sent to Kent State University, refer to the Cambridge website or the exam source where your AS/A Level scores were recorded. 

*AS and A Level exams will be accepted for credit from the approved sources in our Kent State University Catalog Academic Policy. The A Level Credit Chart reflects Cambridge exam numbers and syllabi, but exams from other sources will be cross-referenced by the Office of Global Education upon evaluation of scores. If you need help accessing Cambridge exams, contact us through our inquiry form on this website and we can see if your exams are reported on the CIE website.

Once your credit has been posted to your Kent State academic record, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your @kent.edu address.