National Transfer Student Week

National Transfer Student Week

"Thriving Through Transfer"

What is National Transfer Student Week? (NTSW)
Every third week of October, the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students hosts a celebration of transfer students and the professionals who support them on their journeys. Today's students are transferring more than ever before. To be a transfer champion, it's important to share awareness of common transfer barriers and the diverse student needs and identities within our transfer populations. Although the transition between institutions can be complex, we are here to help ensure that transfer is a good and valuable pathway to a Kent State University degree program. Join us in celebrating our students! 

Scavenger Hunt Activity

Virtual Scavenger Hunt for NTSW
YOU BELONG HERE! The Credit Transfer Office has paired up with numerous offices on campus to bring you some fun during NTSW and we are giving away THREE gift baskets full of Kent State University swag to three lucky KSU transfer scavenger hunters, which includes shirts, books, cups, pens and a certificate for a KSU aeronautics discovery FLIGHT... WOW!. Whether you are living on campus or from home, walking to class or attending remotely, all KSU students can play. You might know the answers, or you might learn something you didn't know. Keep an eye out for a special bonus entry on the hunt, too!

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN: 2020 Kent State NTSW Scavenger Hunt - CLOSED - thank you to all for playing along. Watch for the new Scavenger hunt in October 2021!

UPDATE: Due to the generous 2020 donations received, we also have a FOURTH bonus bag and FIFTH bonus tshirt pack with various items to give away! Thank you so much to all our campus partners for supporting our transfer students at Kent State University! College of Aeronautics and Engineering, University College Student Success Programs, College of Arts & Sciences Advising, College of Public Health, Admissions Office, CCP office and Tech Prep Regional Office.

Congratulations to our winners!! Kaylin Demsey, Coffee Ransom, Tiffany Griffin, Janelle Shannon, Brandon Hysell. Many thanks to ALL of our transfer students for choosing Kent State University! We're so glad you're here. 

Note: The 2020 Kent State NTSW Scavenger Hunt Ends Oct 23rd, 2020 11:59pm. Winners will be notified via email on October 26th. 

Where are you from?

Have you ever walked through Kent and wondered if other students that you saw were also transfer students? You'd be surprised how many! Everyone's story is different, but you never know what you have in common with that other person wearing that Kent State T-shirt. Here are two maps that you might find interesting if you were wondering who else might have travelled a similar path as you.

Did you know:

...that many states have a transferrable core of lower division general education courses that are crosswalked within that state? 

...that many states have pathways set up to ensure that Associate Degrees have transfer guarantees within that state?

...the State of Ohio has multiple programs developed to make transferring and earning college credits easier for Ohio students?

...that Kent State University has transfer student scholarships AND a scholarship search tool?