Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science is intended to teach students how to understand, design and build complex computer software systems. Foundational coursework and materials explain the theories and practices of programming and designing software. Students learn to understand how the underlying operating and networking systems interact with local and remote information sources to solve complex problems. Computer science offers a foundation that enables graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas over their lifetime.

Graduates of the computer science program have careers in developing, managing and building software in a variety of industries, including finance, health care, entertainment, telecommunications and manufacturing.

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Optional Concentrations

The Bachelor of Science program also provides four optional concentrations in Data Engineering, Game Programming, Information Security, and Robotic and Embedded Systems.

Program Requirements

The formal program requirements are listed in the University Catalog, but the following degree diagram gives an informal view of the degree for the current academic year. Links to higher-quality PDF versions of the degree diagram for recent years are given at the bottom of the page.


BS in Computer Science Roadmap for 2022-23, comprised of 14 CS courses, 5 CS electives, and 4 Math courses.

Degree Diagrams for Recent Catalog Years

2021-22 BS (general)

2020-21 BS (general)