Black Theatre Association

This organization is specifically for Kent State University School of Theatre and Dance students that are black, or of any black descent, but is open for students of all races to share in the black experience. It is an organization that provides mentorship for incoming, black identifying students, as well as education of the black experience in regard to theatre for all students who are willing to listen and/or learn. These mentors serve as friendly and familiar faces for the students. They also assist the underclassmen in navigating the School of Theatre and Dance. They are to act as a support system throughout the school year and even beyond. This organization also has a focus on making sure the voices of these students are heard by faculty in matters regarding race and equity within the school. BTA offers weekly meetings and other events to help foster education, keep students informed, and strive toward changes for students that keep them the most comfortable in their educational process. Usual organization events include Mental Health Mondays, Trivia, Movie Nights, Alumni conferences, and a host of others.

BTA serves as a community organization supporting the Black and POC students in the KSU School of Theatre and Dance.