Female Filmmakers Initiative

This organization aspires to break down barriers for women in filmmaking. We are content producers and our content is focused on women's interest and issues. It's our mission to provide a content platform that serves as a place for the women's perspective in film. We believe that all voices should be heard, and there is a lot we have to say. This organization supports women filmmakers and their stories. We are here to help our members tell these stories. We want to provide opportunities for growth and experience for Kent's female filmmakers. We are storytellers, with the mission of breaking the glass ceiling that has been placed over us, We believe that none of our stories deserve to be put in a box and we would like to provide a space for women to tell those stories freely. It is our hope that this organization inspires, builds, and supports women in their growth as a filmmaker. We hope to provide women with support and resources that will prepare them for life outside of college. 

We produce female driven content to allow the voices of women to be heard in filmmaking. Our organization is dedicated to providing opportunities and experiences to women who's aspirations include filmmaking. We're committed to collaborating with women.