Future Health Professionals at Kent State University

HOSA is a future health professional club perfect for the aspiring pre-health student. Apart from preparing students to compete in the state and international conferences, with over 4500 schools participating from around the world and a vast amount of networking opportunities, HOSA also provides the average pre-health student with extraordinary experiences. With weekly meetings that educate members on opportunities, connect members with researchers, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers, HOSA makes sure to get you more involved! HOSA also strives to provide emotional support, resume and essay building workshops, as well as general pre-health advice. Led by pre-health students and supported by the pre-health coordinator at Kent, HOSA is the perfect pre-med club to join on campus!

HOSA is a future health professional club that promotes knowledge of healthcare, gives opportunities for students who are interested, and also allows its students to participate in competitive events at the state and international level.