Kappa Kappa Psi - Beta Psi

Members participate in fundraisers to give aid to the band as well as participate in service projects for the bands. Members also practice qualities of excellent musicianship and serve as role models for their fellow bandsmen. 

KKPsi History and Background

Our Purposes

1. To promote the existence and welfare of the college and university bands and to cultivate at large a wholesome respect for their activities and achievements.

2. To honor outstanding bandmembers through privilege of membership extended as a reward for technical achievement and appreciation for the best in music.

3. To stimulate campus leadership and promulgate an uncompromising respect through the medium of the college band for gracious conduct, good taste and unswerving loyalty.

4. To foster a close relationship between college bands and promote a high average of attainment by the performance of good music and selection of worthwhile projects.

5. To provide a pleasant and helpful social experience for all engaged in college band work and to cooperate with other musical organizations in any manner consistent with the purposes of the institutions at which chapters are located.

Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary band fraternity which strives to help the bands at Kent State through leadership, musicianship, brotherhood and service.