Program Description

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Applications for Teaching Scholars are due Friday April 12th at 8am.  

Program Description:  Teaching Scholars

The Teaching Scholars Program promotes shared scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning. Those interested in conducting scholarly examinations of strategies designed to enhance student learning are encouraged to apply. This program continues to be built around collaborative relationships with interdisciplinary faculty colleagues engaging in the scholarly examination of learning. The primary goal of this program is to support faculty in the design, implementation, and assessment of scholarly projects that identify and create significant learning environments.

The broad aims of the program include:

  • Assessing, developing, and enhancing student learning
  • Building an interdisciplinary community of scholars around learning and teaching
  • Building strategies for the scholarly study of student learning
  • Identifying, through research, elements of significant learning environments

The benefits of the program for participants include:

  • Participating in a year-long program that focuses on the scholarship of learning and teaching
  • The development of collegial relationships across disciplines
  • Participation at one funded conference on learning, teaching, and SoTL
  • 3-hour workload reallocation to cover costs associated with workload reallocation. The unit will receive $3,000 upon completion of the program to defray costs of reallocation.
  • Developing methods for studying, documenting, and assessing learning and teaching.

We encourage all who are interested in applying to review previous Teaching Scholar Projects to see the wide variety fo interesting topics and approaches.  If interested in learning more, you can

  • View past participants and their projects by clicking on the "Past Participants" tab
  • Schedule a consultation with CTL by emailing
  • View a PDF of previous Teaching Scholars project and posters by clicking here

Application questions of no more than 200 - 400 words include:

  • Briefly state your philosophy regarding teaching and student learning
  • What experiences, interest, knowledge, and skills might you contribute to colleagues in this learning community?
    • Community is a key element in the Teaching Scholars Program.  Our goal is to foster a learning community where scholars support one another in the design, implementation, and assessment of scholarly projects that examine student learning.
  • Describe innovative teaching activities in which you have been involved that have made a difference in your students' learning
    • e.g., efforts to improve teaching, development of curricular materials, etc.
  • Indicate how your participation in this program will contribute to your professional goals
  • At this time, what are the research question(s) that you are proposing for your project (no more than 400 -600 words).
    • Each Teaching Scholar will be expected to develop a scholarly examination into one or more ways in which teaching influences student learning experiences.  These projects might be linked with a specific course or process designed to improve student learning (such as cooperative learning, active learning, technology implementation to name just a few).
  • How do you anticipate your project will result in actions that support student success, equitable learning outcomes, and/or a positive student learning experience? 

Applications will be accepted from all full-time Tenure Track and full-time Non-Tenure Track faculty members. All applicants must submit a letter of support from their unit administrator.  The support letter should be sent directly to  Be sure to check back early Spring 2024 for information about the Program for the 2024-2025 academic year and to apply.