Silver Teaching Recognition Award


The Silver Award in Teaching Development recognizes the design and implementation of a teaching project.  An award recipient will:

  • Extend learning of evidence-based practices
  • Consult with CTL/Online Learning Team regarding implementation
  • Implement the project in a course; (the project is often identified in a prior bronze award).
  • Solicit substantive feedback from an experienced instructor regarding the teaching project
  • Conduct, document and evaluate results of the project (e.g. self-evaluations, reflection, student evaluation

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Faculty are listed in alphabetical order by last name.  Their names are followed by the title of the Project Title.  

2023-2024 Recipients

  • Sarah Andreas: Ungrading Gamification
  • Daisy Arokiasamy: Redesign Online Introductory Statistics Course
  • Courtney Chester: Reflective Check-Ins
  • Jeremy Foust: Using Mentimeter for Real-Time Equitable Engagement
  • Claudia Garcia: Institutional Jigsaw Activity
  • Melanie Kirin: Gamification/Brackets in CTTE
  • Chelsea Monheim: Inclusivity Practices
  • Zachary Morris: Video Games in College Teaching
  • Amanda Shuluga-Strogin: Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Mindy Uhrig: Updating and Upgrading ESL Courses with Technology
  • Velvet Weems-Landingham: ZoomRoom Hybrid Course Implementation

Faculty are listed in alphabetical order by their last name.  Their names are followed by the title of the their Silver Teaching Award Project Titles.  

2022-2023 Recipients

  • Sorina Ailiesei:  Flipped Module on APA Citations
  • Paul Hurley: Re-Assessing Participation in the Acting Classroom

Previous Years Recipients

  • Qunxing Ding:  Flipped Classroom in STEM Education
  • Julie Evey:  Flipping Quantitative Methods I, Psychology
  • Marie Gasper-Hulvat:  Making a Habit of Your Online Course
  • Tammy Honesty:  Creating an Equitable Learning Environment in the Midst of Pandemics
  • Jeff Huston:  Flipped Classroom
  • Grace Keenan:  History of Costumes and Textiles in Theatre
  • Bethany Lanese: Medicare/Medicaid Learning Module
  • Ellen Mulqueeny:  Logs for Life
  • Elena Novak:  Inclusive Teaching Practices in an Online Educational Technology Course
  • James Ponder:  Communication and Influence
  • Daniela Popescu:  Designing and Implementing an Anatomy and Physiology Course in Canvas
  • Gina Severino:  The Remote Flipped Classroom
  • Rekha Sharma:  Communication Grammar Review Student Engagement Study
  • Wendy Tietz:  Assessment in an Online Environment
  • James Winter:  Inclusivity in Creative Writing Workshops