Child Development Center Day in the Life video



Video Transcript

[children speaking] Welcome to our school, the CDC!

Some children are shy to come to school, or scared.
Or maybe some people, like, be exciting to go, if their the first time to go to school. Sometimes they feel happy.
I like to give my mom and my dad hugs and kisses when they go, and sometimes I get sad.
Teachers say, "Your mom will be back".
And one day, she was feeling sad. I came over and gave her a hug.
When friends help each other, sometimes that makes people happy.
Sure it does!

The Motor Room

There's monkey bars. You get to play, run, do a lot of - get your wigglies out. You're not allowed to play rough. But after we play games we get a little free time.
Play on the climber and play with Legos and play with balls or scooters.
Play Sharks and Minnows, Duck Duck Goose, Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone, and freeze tag.

We go to the Art Studio

We draw,
make cool stuff, like birds out of paper, and sculptures out of clay, and lots of other stuff that's really cool.
That's true - they get to learn about clay, they get to make cool stuff with clay, they do all sorts of stuff with clay.
You can do whatever you want, and you're free to make whatever you want.

And it doesn't matter what your age is like - everyone loves the Outdoor Learning Lab.

It has a little faucet that runs water into the sand, and you can make like a little ditch or something.
I feel a little scared at first, because I feel like I'm gonna get poked by the trees. So I asked the teacher to grab my hand and then I just - they don't let go, I just – I let my body let go. Then I hold onto their hand.

The Garden

If we dig around in the dirt, we might find something that is shiny or round.
And worms!
I like the garden because we get to take off our shoes.
Before we take off our shoes and get muddy, we have to work.
We get water so we can plant the strawberry seeds, so they'll grow and we'll have more food to eat, so we'll be healthy.
The food plant grows so you can - and then you eat it, and then you get really really strong.

We go play in the Mud Kitchen.

Well, you get to bake stuff, and - you don't really get to eat it. (It's MUD!)
We make icky gooey stuff.
It feels squishy and wet.
Cold and smushy and splashy. Muddy.
Actually it feels very good. You should try it.

Over by the Field

Well, it has lots of toys and we get to play a lot.
Everyone has to take an end, then we go up, down, up, down.
If it gets stuck on someone's head if it goes down, we just lift it up really high.
And I also love to go in the swings.
I like to play on the swing, and the slide, but it's too wet when it rains.
Well sometimes I like to play on the monkey bars and sit upside-down.
If your hands get tired it's hard, because you can't make it all the way across.
We ride a lot of bikes. We have a bike field where the bikes go. They do a race - they do a little race contest.
Because they're fast.

The special thing about our school is we get to do fun stuff.
We have teachers, and we also have friends.
Yeah, very special friends.

The End.