Network Shares

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services provides network storage for all staff, faculty, departments, and schools. This storage space is a safe place to store documents as it is backed up nightly and is secured in a way that allows only users granted permission to view certain folders.

The network storage is to store Kent State University related data only. Please do not store personal data (i.e.; family photos, personal music collection, etc.) on the network storage.

So, how do you access the network drives? PC Users will know them as the H and I Drives. Mac users will know the H drive as the "share" folder and the I drive as "*their username*" folder (e.g.; when I use a Mac my H drive folder would just be mnsalem) as Macs do not assign drive letters. Please read on to learn more.

H Drive \ Home Drive - For your documents

I Drive \ Share Drive - For departmental / school documents or documents to share within the department / school

Adding the H and I Drive

Every Windows PC set up in the College by the EHHS Tech Services group should be set up in a way that allows the H and I Drives to be added automatically when logging in to Windows. There are issues with this automatic login related to the wireless and those not set up by the EHHS Tech Services group. If you are experiencing issues connecting to the H and I Drives please follow the steps below to connect.

Please enter an EHHS Tech Ticket if you need assistance.


Connecting to the shared drives from home

If you need access to the shared drives from home, please make sure you are connected to GlobalProtect VPN.   Instructions on how to connect to the VPN are found here.