What does Mozy back-up on my computer? If my computer dies can you restore everything exactly as it was?

Mozy will back-up all documents and data under your log-in on your computer, with some exceptions. What is backed-up includes files on your desktop, in your documents folder, your pictures, and videos. Items that are not under your log-in are likely to be backed-up as well, but only file types that are known to exist on university-owned computers.

There are some items which cannot or are not backed-up with Mozy. The items include, but are not limited to: the “iTunes Library” and the contents therein, Apple iPhoto libraries, and some email program databases. 

For example, if you save data in a folder you created named “My Stuff” on the root of your “C:” drive (on Windows) and the folder contains Word documents, SPSS sav files, and other common file types the contents will be backed up. Files matching the common file types anywhere on the hard drive will also be backed-up. Programs, installation applications, and system files are not backed up.

Please visit the following link for a complete list of what is and is not backed-up as part of the Mozy installation.http://www.kent.edu/ehhs/offices/tech/mozy/files/