Open the Graduate Student Handbook

Table of Contents

Mission Statement


  • Admission Process
  • Other Types of Admissions
    • Certificate Programs
    • Guest Admission
    • Non-Degree
    • Re-Application

Appeals Regarding Denial of Admission


  • Registration Information
  • Course Withdraw Information

Transfer of Credit

  • Transfer of Credit Process
  • Approval for Acceptance of Graduate Coursework at Northeast Ohio Public Universities

Degree Credits

  • Credit Hours Required
  • Workshop Hours

Leave of Absence


  • Grade Point Average
  • “U” Grades (Unsatisfactory)
  • “IN” Grades (Incomplete)
  • Grade-to-Grade Change Policy

Academic Dismissals


  • Time Extensions

Advising and Plans of Study for Master’s Students

  • Advisors/Plan of Study Master’s and Educational Specialist Students
  • Advisors/Plan of Study Doctoral Students


  • Appointment of Thesis/Project Director and Committee
  • Approval of Thesis or Project Title
  • Registration for Master’s Thesis
  • Registration for Master’s Project
  • Completion of Thesis or Project

Initial Licensure 

  • Student Teaching
  • Licensure
  • Fingerprinting


Graduation Application Process


Advisory/Coursework Phase 

  • Areas of Study and Advisors
  • The Advisory/Coursework Phase Committee
  • The Program Plan of Study and Residency Plan
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations

Candidacy Phase

  • Dissertation Registration
  • Dissertation Phase Committee
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Guidelines for Preparation of Dissertation
  • Preparation for Defense of Dissertation
  • Oral Defense

Post Defense Activities

  • Final Dissertation Copy
  • Finalization of Dissertation Steps
  • Guidelines for the Preparation of Electronic Dissertations

Graduation Arrangements

  • Application for Graduation
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Keeping in Touch