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list of Masters, Ed Specialists, and Ph.D. programs offered in the College of EHHS



An appointment made by KSU to full-time graduates who display a high level of scholarship and academic excellence. The award is merit-based, not need-based, and includes stipend and tuition.



Displays application requirements for each degree program


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For non-degree and degree program electronic applications. Need Visa/Mastercard for application fee.

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Guest Admission/Application

For new students wishing to take up to 6 hours of graduate coursework. No transcripts or application fee are required for guest admission. Please be advised Guest applications will not be processed until one month before the semester begins.

More Details - Guest Admission

Guest admission is available to applicants who are new to graduate study at Kent State University. It provides an opportunity to take a limited number of graduate courses for credit. To be admitted in this category, the applicant must have an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Guest students typically take courses for job enhancement, personal enrichment, or enjoyment.

Guest students may remain in this status until a maximum of 6 semester hours of Kent State University credit have been attempted. Students cannot earn a degree in this admission status. If you wish to pursue a degree program or continue after 6 semester hours have been attempted, you must apply for regular admission. Credit hours taken as guest may apply to a degree program with the approval of the dean. Guest students must meet all prerequisites for courses.

Anyone who has been denied admission to graduate study or is under dismissal at Kent State University is not eligible for guest student status.

Guest students are not eligible for financial aid.


Non-Degree Admission/Application

For students wishing to be admitted as a Non-degree student, to take coursework for up to six years.

More Details - Non-Degree Admission

Non-degree admission is valid for six years. The 6 hour guest student limit does not apply. However, in order to be admitted as a non-degree student you must submit two official transcripts from the institution where your most recent degree was taken.

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services will secure transcripts of course work taken at Kent State University.

A $15.00 non-refundable application fee is required. It is important for non-degree students to understand that in the event they decide to apply to a degree program, a limit of 12 hours taken as a non-degree admit can be used in the degree program, if approved.



For students who have already earned a master's degree from the College of Education, Health, and Human Services. This admission allows the student to reenroll for up to six years. There is no application fee and transcripts are not required.


Transient Admission Application

For students in good standing in a graduate degree program at another university.

More Details - Transient Admission

Persons who are in good standing in a graduate degree program at another university may be admitted as transient students at Kent State University to take coursework which may apply to their degree program.

Transient students are admitted for one semester only. At the end of the semester for which a transient student is admitted, the admission will be inactivated. The student may register in subsequent semesters upon submission of a new Transient Student Application Form.


Certificate admission application

Graduate certificate programs that address contemporary, topical and/or workplace issues are offered in several academic units. The graduate certificate programs are designed to deliver focused instruction and formalized guidance in a flexible manner. Graduate certificate programs are open to degree-seeking as well as graduate non-degree students. Students must meet the admission requirements for the specific graduate certificate being sought and must declare their intent to earn the certificate.

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