Licensure Information

For exploration of graduate teacher licensure programs, transcript evaluations, and licensure prerequisite coursework, please contact part-time Graduate Academic Advisor Erin Harwood via email (  Please include transcripts and intended teacher licensure program information.

Licensure Program Areas and Contacts

Early Childhood Education (Pre-K - 5)

Dr. Janice Kroeger

Early Childhood Additional Licensure Prep Program (PK-5)

Dr. Janice Kroeger

Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9)

Dr. Sonya Wisdom


Adolescence to Young Adult Education/Secondary Education (Grades 7-12)

Dr. Lisa Testa

Special Education (Intervention Specialist)

  • Graduate Non-Degree Initial Licensure Prep 
  • Graduate Non-Degree Additional Licensure Prep

Dr. Sloane Burgess

Physical Education (Pre-K - 12)

  • Initial/Additional Licensure program - Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction/Physical Education Concentration

Dr. Insook Kim

Educational Administration (K-12 Leadership) - temporarily suspended

Dr. Tricia Niesz

School Counseling

Dr. Alma Moore

School Psychology

Dr. Richard Cowan

Speech Language Pathology

Dr. Hayley Arnold

School Health (Additional Licensure for Pre-K - 12)

Dr. Donna Bernert


Endorsement Areas

4/5 Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement                                                                                                            

Erin Harwood

Adaptive Physical Education Endorsement  

Dr. Insook KimDr. Insook KimDr. Insook KimDr. Insook Kim

Career Based Intervention Endorsement

Dr. Davison Mupinga

Computer Technology Endorsement

Dr. Enrico Gandolfi 

Computer Science Endorsement

Dr. Enrico Gandolfi

Gifted Education Endorsement

Dr. Bradley Morris

K-12 Reading Endorsement

Dr. Denise Morgan

Pre-K/Special Needs Endorsement

Dr. Sanna Harjusola-Webb

Pre-Kindergarten Endorsement

Dr. Janice Kroeger


TESL Endorsement 

  • This program is also offered as an initial multi-age licensure in TESL

Please contact the

English Department

in the College of Arts & Sciences


How to Apply for an Educator License After Program Completion

(Please visit the Vacca Office webpage for information on completing the Pre-Application for Licensure process)


Educator Licensure Application Policy (please read carefully):

Students in the teacher education programs must apply for State of Ohio Licensure within 12 months of program completion (defined by completion of all licensure program requirements). After 12 months, applicants must meet State-approved program/licensure requirements that are in effect at the time of application. This means that students who apply after the 12-month deadline may have to take additional coursework if the content, methods courses, program requirements, or licensure requirements have changed since the completion of their education licensure program.

If a student does not apply for their license within 6 years, they are subject to any additional state licensure requirements and are also subject to additional coursework based on changes in areas such as content, the age of coursework and changes in program requirements. A minimum of 9 credit hours will be required to apply for licensure after 6 years of program completion.