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Licensure Information

Find out how to apply for a Teaching License starting January 2014

Apply for an initial license?

Has it been more than 12 months since program completion?

If so, the applicant must complete the Applying for Licensure 12 Months or Later After Program Completion form and forward it to the program coordinator listed below prior to applying for licensure. Students must apply for licensure within 12 months of program completion to meet current licensure standards. After 12 months, applicants must meet State approved program/licensure requirements at the time for application. This means that students may have to take additional coursework if the program requirements and licensure requirements have changed from the catalog in force.

Faculty Contacts for Licensure Advising

Adolescent Education – Lisa Borgerding

Early Childhood (MAT) – Janice Kroeger

Educational Administration – K-12 Leadership – Christa Boske

Health Education – Kele Ding

Health Education – Laurie Wagner

Middle Childhood – Steve Turner

Physical Education – Steve Mitchell

Reading – Denise Morgan

School Counseling – Jason McGlothlin

School Psychology – Frank Sansosti

Secondary Education (MAT) – Todd Hawley

Special Education – Sonya Wisdom

Speech Language Pathology – Lynne Rowan