Mentor Match


The EHHS Doctoral Student Forum started the Peer Mentorship Program (now called "Mentor Match") in fall semester 2010. The purpose of this program is to provide support for first semester doctoral students throughout Kent State University’s College of Education Health and Human Services. The coordinator of the Mentor Match program pairs volunteer doctoral students or candidates (with at least 1 year of doctoral studies under their belt) and an entry year doctoral student.


The activities that the mentor and mentee engage in are to be determined by the pair. There is no training involved for this and it is suggested that they work out times to meet with one another throughout the semester. Peer mentorship may occur completely via email, phone and/or Facebook, or other social networking website as agreed to by mentor and mentee. This arrangement is completely voluntary, and intended to be mutually beneficial.

See examples of topic of discussion See Mentor Match Handbook

Why participate?

The Mentor Match program is intended to benefit both mentor and mentee. The mentee receives individual guidance from a seasoned doctoral student or candidate who has been connected to the University for at least an academic year. The mentor receives satisfaction in working with a new student and in many cases if the mentor is a doctoral candidate, this provides re-connection to the University and the opportunity to get back on campus. It is hoped that the peer mentorship will continue beyond the semester in which the pair are assigned and continue to develop over the years of doctoral studies.


We are currently accepting mentor applications for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 program. You qualify if you began your coursework previous to or in Fall 2018.

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