The Graduate Student Handbook

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This handbook has been prepared to assist you in planning the many steps to receiving the Ph.D. in Education, Health, & Human Services. Although we have attempted to answer the most frequent questions asked by doctoral students, it is assumed that you will have many other questions as you proceed through your program. Please do not hesitate to refer such questions to your adviser or to the personnel in the Office of Graduate Student Services (418 White Hall).

The procedures, rules, and regulations stated in this handbook are valid under the normal time limits for earning the Ph.D. degree. Typical time to completion is as follows:
Four years from time of admission to complete coursework and candidacy examinations. Five years from the time of reaching candidacy to completion of the dissertation and awarding of the Ph.D. degree.

Refer to catalog regarding time extension; however, if a student has not completed comprehensive exams, then an extension will not be considered.
The various forms included in the Appendices may be downloaded or you may obtain a copy from the Office of Graduate Student Services. The checklist (Appendix, page 24) will provide you with a convenient record of your progress. We suggest that you refer to this handbook throughout your doctoral studies.

Table of Contents

Advisory/Coursework Phase

Areas of Study and Advisers
Advisory/Coursework Phase Committee
Program Plan of Study and Residency Plan
Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations

Candidacy Phase

Dissertation Registration
Dissertation Phase Committee
Dissertation Proposal
Guidelines for Preparation of Dissertation
Preparation for Defense of Dissertation
Oral Defense

Post-defense Activities

Final Dissertation Copy
Finalization of Dissertation Steps

Graduation Arrangements

Application for Graduation
Graduation Ceremony
Keeping in Touch


Doctoral Program Form Overview

Advisory Phase

Advisory Phase Committee Form (Single Major) attached to Plan of Study
Advisory Phase Committee Structure (Single Major)
Advisory Phase Committee Revision Form (Single Major)
Application for Major Comprehensive Exam
Major Comprehensive Exam Committee
Plan of Study Changes
Report of Written/Oral Candidacy Examination

Dissertation Phase

Dissertation Phase Committee Form
Dissertation Phase Committee Structure
Notification of Approved Dissertation Proposal Form
Graduate Faculty Representative Form
Notification of Readiness to Defend Dissertation Form
Report of Oral Defense of Dissertation
Application for Graduation