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Transforming Educational Praxis Through Dialogue with Indigenous Perspectives

Thursday, September 28, 2023 at the Kent Student Center

This Symposium seeks to open new terrain from which pedagogical understandings can be developed, integrated, and even disrupted. By focusing on indigenous experience and thinking, the effects of historical/individual trauma will be explored as well as how it might be revealed and engaged in our classrooms. But more than that, indigenous peoples have been able to maintain centuries-old ways of being with the world that might provide a path towards a more just and equitable worldly experience. The engagement in these ways of thinking during the symposium seeks to develop educational mindsets and dispositions that, when applied to our own classrooms, might assist us as teachers to more authentically validate human experiences that are different from our own. In this way, and by recognizing the vital contributions of indigenous peoples in the world today in particular, participants will leave the symposium with an awareness of and commitment to expanding their understandings of how one might live with others in the 21st century.

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Mathematics Education Online Workshops

Kent State University is offering Online Workshops designed specifically for math teachers and math intervention specialists. Each workshop is comprised of five modules and five assignments. Workshop participants may begin the workshop at any time; they have 6 weeks to complete the assignments and receive one Continuing Education Credit (10 contact hours). Cost: $50 (for 1-CEU)

For more information, please contact Dr. Scott Courtney: or 330-672-0657.

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