Reading and Writing Development Center

The Reading and Writing Development Center, formerly the Educational Child Study Center, was officially established in the fall of 1956 by order of the Board of Trustees. Throughout the years, the program of graduate education for the development of literacy specialists has been closely tied to the Center and has grown to be one of the most respected graduate programs within Ohio and the Midwest.

The role of the Center is well-established and highly regarded, both as a supplemental educational agency that provides consultative and tutorial services in reading and writing and as a practicum center for graduate programs in literacy education. The primary function of the Center is to provide an instructional facility for the professional education and development of students who are pursuing graduate programs in literacy education.

In support of the graduate education of reading and writing specialists, the Center provides instructional services for limited numbers of school-aged students and adults referred because of perceived reading and reading-related difficulties. In this function, the Center serves as a supportive educational agency to school and community.

Center activities, therefore, revolve around the following priorities:

  1. the education, at the graduate level, of reading and writing personnel for schools, colleges, and universities;
  2. the conduct of inquiry into reading and writing processes for children, youth, and adults;
  3. the provision of services to schools for children and youth who are experiencing learning difficulties in reading, writing, and related school subjects;
  4. the provision of specialized consulting services to public schools and other agencies in the fields of reading, writing, and related areas; and
  5. the dissemination of information concerning modern and innovative approaches to the teaching of reading and writing and related school subjects

Affiliated faculty include

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