The EHHS Honors and Awards Committee is pleased to announce several new awards starting in 2019. You may nominate yourself or another faculty/staff member for the awards. Award applications will be reviewed by the EHHS Honors and Awards Committee, and award winners will be notified and invited to attend the May EHHS Meeting where they will receive their awards. 

Award Descriptions, Eligibility, Application Materials, and Scoring Rubrics

General Award Application Procedure

  • Compile all materials with your "Nomination Form (PDF)" as the first page into a single PDF document (letters of support may be scanned).

Award Recipients


  • Outstanding Research and Creativity Award (Early Career)- Jian Li
  • Outstanding Research and Creativity Award (Senior Investigator)- Richard E. Ferdig
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (Early Career)- Shannon L. Navy
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (Senior Career)- Jeffrey L. Huston
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award- Cheryl L. Potenza-Radis
  • Outstanding Community Service Award- Kathy Bergh
  • Outstanding Global Engagement Award- Martha C. Merrill
  • Outstanding Mentoring Award- Janice A. Byrd
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Maryam Zolfaghari
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Junior Level)- Kedron Trapp
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Senior Level)- Susan M. Augustine
  • Outstanding Academic Advising- Keya Jennings
  • Outstanding Staff Teamwork Award- Julee A. Henry, Matt Starcher, Thomas Stafford, Chris DiPadova, Murat Dagistan, Ken Kudravy
  • Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (Undergraduate)- Elizabeth "Lisa" Testa
  • Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (Graduate)- Christa J. Porter


  • Outstanding Research and Creativity Award (Early Career)- Kizzy Albritton
  • Outstanding Research and Creativity Award (Senior Career)- Angela Ridgel
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Erica Marshall
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award- Nancy Woolverton
  • Outstanding Global Engagement Award- Davisson Mupinga
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Junior Level)- Shelby Burkhart
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Senior Level)- Annette Kratcoski
  • Outstanding Staff Teamwork Award- School of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies (TLCS)


  • Outstanding Senior Researcher- Jake Barkley
  • Outstanding Early Career Researcher (Post-tenure)- Karl Kosko
  • Outstanding Early Career Researcher (Pre-tenure)- Adam Jajtner
  • Outstanding Community Service Award- Joanne Caniglia
  • Outstanding Mentor Award- J. Derek Kingsley
  • Outstanding Graduate Student (Teaching) Award- Annaleise Fisher
  • Outstanding Graduate Student (Research) Award- Eliott Arroyo
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award- Staci Hayes
  • Outstanding Global Engagement Award- Martha Lash
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Junior Level)- Katherine Bryk
  • Outstanding Staff Award (Senior Level)- Brian DeHoff
  • Outstanding Staff Teamwork Award- OGSS