The History of the College of EHHS

The College of EHHS’s roots start back at the very beginning of Kent State University. KSU was originally founded in 1910 as Kent State Normal School to train high school graduates in pedagogy and curriculum to become future teachers. It grew into Kent State College in 1929, then Kent State University in 1935. The College of Education gained its own home in 1966 and its central location was formally named White Hall in 1985 after former KSU president and Dean of the College of Education, Robert I. White.

As the College of Arts and Sciences grew throughout the 1950’s, the schools of Architecture, Art, Economics, Industrial Arts, Journalism, and Music and Speech merged to form the College of Fine and Professional Arts (F&PA) in 1959. The School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport was founded in 1994 and by 1998, merged with the College of F&PA to, according to former associate dean of the College of F&PA Gary Neiman, “create a home within Fine and Professional Arts for Health and Human Services.”

The College of Fine and Professional Arts, which, in 2005, housed the schools of Exercise, Leisure and Sport; Family and Consumer Studies; and Speech Pathology and Audiology, merged with the College of Education in 2005 to form the College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services, now known as the College of EHHS.

White Hall now stands as the headquarters of EHHS, with Nixson Hall, the MACC Annex and the Speech and Hearing Clinic all housing varieties of EHHS schools, offices and classes. The College of Education, Health and Human Services continues to grow and expand, and looks forward to future renovations of the buildings that house its rich history.

EHHS Dean Timeline

  • Dean John L. Blair, 1932-1945
  • Dean Robert I White, 1946-1957
  • Dean Clayton M. Schindler, 1958-1971
  • Dean Robert J. Alfonso, 1971-1980
  • Dean Richard Hawthorne, 1980-1986
  • Dean Joanne Rand Schwartz, 1986-2002
  • Dean David A. England, 2002-2007
  • Dean Daniel F. Mahony, 2008-2015
  • Dean James C. Hannon, 2017- present