EHHS Living-Learning Community

Leadership. Service. Citizenship.

The mission of the Education, Health, and Human Services Living-Learning Community is to enhance and support students' academic, professional, and personal growth through meaningful interactions with faculty, staff, and peers.  The EHHS-LLC is dedicated to fostering leadership, service, citizenship and academic success through co-curricular experiences.

Furthermore, national studies indicate that participating in a themed residence hall community such as the EHHS-LC has a positive influence on student success.  In fact, students perform better in classes and feel more connected to peers, faculty, and the university community. 

How do I get involved?

If you are about to begin your first year and have an interest in living in the EHHS-LLC, select the EHHS-LLC on your housing application.  Once you select this option, you will be emailed with a link to an online application that will provide details about the first semester course options reserved for EHHS-LLC students, information about early move-in, and how to connect with an EHHS-LLC roommate.

Where will I live?

EHHS-LLC students will live in Manchester Hall. Certain rooms in Manchester Hall are reserved for students with a major in the College of Education, Health, and Human Services who would also like to join the EHHS-LLC and live with another EHHS-LLC student.

Benefits of Participating in the EHHS Living-Learning Community

  • Build relationships with like-minded students
    • EHHS-LLC students will live and learn with students who share common interests.  Living together, taking classes and supporting each other during the first year can provide EHHS-LLC students the opportunity to build relationships that can have lasting personal and professional benefits.
  • Interactions with faculty and peer mentors outside the classroom
    • "Lunch and Learns with Faculty" will be held throughout the year in Manchester Hall.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty in an informal, non-academic setting. The first will be with your dean, Professor James C. Hannon.
    • Students will have opportunities to connect with Peer Mentors (former LLC members) who can share their knowledge and experience that can help guide EHHS-LLC students through their first year of college.
  • Co-registered courses
    • In the 1st semester, EHHS-LLC students will be co-registered in at least one course (e.g. GEOG 17063, CULT 29535, NUTR 23511, PSYC 11762), their First Year Experience Course (UC 10097) and any major specific courses required in their first semester.
    • In the 2nd semester, EHHS-LLC students can be co-registered in a Kent Core course and/or a 1-credit hour workshop created specifically for the EHHS-LLC members.
  • Easy access to academic support services
    • Math and Writing tutoring are both available in the evenings on the 1st floor of Manchester Hall
  • Career development and networking opportunities
    • Throughout the year, EHHS-LLC students will have the opportunity to learn about their career field through volunteer and service-learning experiences.
    • EHHS-LLC students will have opportunities to meet alumni and visit community partners (schools, agencies, businesses, etc.) to gain insight into various careers.
  • Other special activities and events will be available to EHHS-LLC students
    • Early Move-in program
    • Pre-College "FLASH Connections" weekend (held the Friday/Saturday before Freshmen Move-In)
    • Events and outings throughout the year (ex. Ice Cream Socials, Akron Rubber Ducks game, Akron Zoo, etc.)

The convenience of close proximity

EHHS-LLC students live in Manchester Hall, which is an all first-year residence hall located in the center of campus.  This central location makes Manchester Hall the closest residence hall to the University Library and Kent Student Center. This is an ideal location for first-year students whose classes are held in various buildings across campus.  Manchester Hall is also attached to the Eastway Center which houses the Eastway Café, Eastway Market & Deli, and a recreation area with arcade games and a bowling alley. 

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about the Education, Health, and Human Services Living-Learning Community, please contact Julie Wilcox at 330.672.0556 or