Research Advisory Council

This council reports to the associate dean for Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education. The purpose of the council is to encourage research and scholarly activity as well as externally funded activity within the college. The council is advisory to the Research and Evaluation Bureau relative to opportunities of the bureau and to the connections possible among faculty, students and the bureau. The council consists of two faculty members elected for two-year terms from each school such that one half of the council is replaced annually. Members may serve a maximum of two successive terms. In addition to the associate dean, ex officio members include a director from the Research and Evaluation Bureau and the Grants coordinator.

The Research Advisory Council sponsors the annual EHHS Research Gallery, typically held every spring semester, in which students and faculty present current research, and the EHHS Seed Awards. The purpose of the Seed Awards is to provide faculty with the opportunity to receive funding for research projects that might lead to future applications to external funding agencies. Funding is normally limited to a maximum of $5,000 and application details are available in the faculty staff portal. To access the portal, follow the instructions below:

  1. Hover over the Faculty & Staff tab on the EHHS homepage and click on Faculty & Staff Portal.
  2. Log in with your KSU ID and password.
  3. Hover over the "Administration” tab in the blue bar at the top of the page and select "EHHS Seed Award Entry Application."

The Research Advisory Council also sponsors the Graduate Student Research Award. The purpose of this award is to provide funds for graduate students in EHHS who wish to conduct a research/scholarly project under the direction of a faculty mentor. These projects must be designed to yield finished products such as peer-reviewed publications, grant applications and/or presentations at professional conferences. These grants may also be used to fund, fully or partially, a thesis or dissertation research project. Pilot studies that will lead to a thesis and/or dissertation project are also acceptable. Funding is typically limited to $500 per application and the call for proposals goes out to graduate students early in the spring semester.