Learning and Literacy

Fun sites for word searches, book adventures, and puzzles

More Websites

  • National Council of Teachers of English - A professional association of educators in English Studies, Literacy, and Language Arts
  • The Reading Is Fundamental website offers several tips and suggestions to help encourage your kids to read.
  • Under the idea to put reading first, the National Institute for Literacy offers numerous strategies to teach reading.
  • This PBS parents site instructs parents on how to set up their home and schedule to foster best practice reading strategies.
  • Education World - Activities to promote reading and learning.
  • National Education Association discusses getting involved in your child's education, specifically concentrating on reading aloud.
  • Reading Rockets addresses itself toward many different audiences: parents, teachers, and all educators who deal with struggling readers.
  • ASPIRA offers specific reading activities for parents. More uniquely, however, the site also offers Spanish speaking links and resources. This overseas site also focuses on reading disabilities.
  • The Public Libraries of British Columbia offer spectacular resources for exploring reading activities with your child. This Summer Reading site offers activities for year-round reading.
  • Taking the stance that most parents are not trained teachers, this site from The All I Need helps explain that parents do not have to be trained to teach reading.