Alison Haynes and Amanda FeasterA NOTE FROM THE EDITORS

PLEASE CLICK. PLEASE READ. That's all we ask. This month has incredibly powerful and valuable information: real stories of veterans, students with chronic illness, and being both LGBTQ+ and disabled. These are our people. We are ALL Kent State. This November we say to our Veterans: THANK YOU. Thank you for your service and thank you for choosing Kent State as a place to belong as a student and/or employee. We are better because of you.Able logo

NEW SUPPORT GROUP STARTING: Are you a staff or faculty member who has a disability? ABLE (Access Betters the Lives of Everyone) is an employee resource group at Kent State seeking to provide a space for community and collaboration among Kent State University’s faculty and staff who are part of the disability community. We will be having our first general meeting on Tuesday, December 20th at 11:00am at THE DI HUB as well as virtually via Teams. Enjoy a few snacks, meet new people, and take some time to discuss what you want to see from ABLE going forward. We hope to see you there! More Info available by emailing Emma Weihe, SAS Accessibility Specialist.

In honor of Veterans’ Day, Inside Equal Access interviewed Mark Stillion, a third-semester graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health master’s program, to learn his story and hear about the intersections between being a veteran and having a disability.

Something no one tells you when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness is that you will be lonely. Courtney McLeod, Kent State Financial Aid Counselor, shares how her chronic illness makes her feel lonely even during social events.

At Kent State, we are extremely proud of our student veterans. We are working to ensure that there are services and resources available to assist with the challenging transition veterans with disabilities face when entering higher education. Read about how Kent State busts myths and builds Communities for its veteran students with disabilities.

Although KSU has improved public spaces o be more accessible to people with disabilities and part of the LGBTQ+ community, Faith, who has chronic pain which causes a mobility issue as well as potentially undiagnosed autism, feels that Kent State University is very LGBTQ+ and diversity friendly, but not as accepting of those with disabilities.


Tools of The Trade


Doug Flower, our Digital Accessibility Specialist, teaches us about the powerful accessibility tools at our very fingertips: on our phone.
Part one reviews Apple's new "Door Detection" feature, which uses Lidar tech and is freaking awesome. But don't worry, Android lovers. We'll get to you soon. 



Empowering our Kent State Staff and Student Veterans with a Disability. Live Teams event on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. Stories and information to support interactions with coworkers and students.