Dix Stadium


Ditch (Left), Pooling Area (Right)

Property Description:

The Dix Stadium property is approximately 116 acres and is located north of Summit Road in Franklin Township in Portage County, Ohio.  Hodgeman Lane is adjacent to the western property line, and the northern property line runs along Breakneck Creek in addition to Summit Street.  This site is within the Cuyahoga watershed and consists of a vast majority of cattail marsh and wetland as well as open fields of goldenrod and numerous streams.  The southwest corner of the property though, near Hodgeman Lane, is an uneven-aged, mixed hardwood forest of oaks and maples with dense, diverse understory growth consisting of shrubs.  Other small hardwood forest stands are scattered throughout the property also, mostly in wet areas.

Additional photos and information regarding the properties inventory, land use/land cover, species, and soil as well as map descriptions can be found within the full report below.

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