College Committees

Currently, the Department of Finance has a representative on the following standing College Committees:  The College Curriculum Committee, the Graduate Council of GSM, and the College Advisory Committee (CAC).

A Faculty member is elected by and from the FAC/Curriculum Committee to represent the Department on the College Curriculum Committee for a two-year term.

All Faculty with full graduate faculty status shall elect by a simple majority one of the members with full graduate faculty status to serve on the Graduate Council, and also an alternate, for a two-year term.  The Department Chair shall also serve as a representative of the Department on the Graduate Council.

A tenured, senior Faculty member (Associate or Full Professor) shall be elected from and by the FAC to serve as Department representative on the College Advisory Committee (CAC) for a one-year term.

The Department may have representatives on other College committees as defined by the College.  The responsibilities of the College Committees are determined by the College of Business Administration Handbook, the CBA, and the UPR.