Criteria, Performance Expectations, and Academic Unit Procedures Relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Salary and merit increases for full-time, tenure-track, and term faculty are negotiated by the University and AAUP-KSU.Salary and merit increases may be specified as across-the-board percentages, fixed amounts, and/or adjustments based upon merit or other factors identified in the CBA.Merit procedures are established by the University. Such factors as the quality of research and teaching, the nature of the courses taught, and the quality and level of service to the Department, College, University, and community will all be considered when evaluating faculty performance for purposes of salary and merit increases.

Each time there are Faculty Excellence Awards (FEA), the FAC will review the criteria and Department procedures and modify said procedures, subject to approval by the Chair.

If a faculty member requests a special salary review as specified in the CBA, a documented request must be presented to the Chair and Dean in writing. These requests shall be reviewed by the FAC, which will make a recommendation to the Chair. The Chair then makes a recommendation to the Dean.If a faculty member receives an external salary offer, potential counter offers may be considered by the FAC. The FAC would make a recommendation to the Chair, who would then make a recommendation to the Dean.