Other Academic Unit Guidelines

  1. Grievance Procedures

    1. Student Grievance Procedures

    Student Academic Complaints shall be initiated and addressed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Digest of Rules and Regulations.

    2. Faculty Grievance Procedures

    A faculty member shall initiate a grievance by serving a written notice of it on the Chair for transmission to the Dean or the Dean’s designated representative(s), following the procedures outlined in the CBA.

  2. Curricular Policies and Procedures

    All finance courses taught under the auspices of Kent State University, including electronically-purveyed courses, are subject to review and approval by the Department. Proposals for curriculum changes and/or changes in the mode of delivery must be submitted, in writing, to the Department Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee shall make a recommendation to the FAC, who then makes a recommendation to the Department Chair. Throughout this process there should be appropriate consultation with the Department faculty. Recommendations of the Curriculum Committee meetings will be distributed to the entire Department faculty in a timely manner.

  3. Graduate Faculty Status

    Administrative Policy regarding Graduate Faculty membership is outlined and contained in the UPR.

  4. Procedures for Review and Revision of the Handbook

    The Department Handbook shall be developed by the Department FAC and Chair. Any amendments thereto require approval by a majority vote of the Department faculty.  The Handbook and any amendments thereto are subject to final approval by the Dean.

  5. Effective Date

    This handbook, approved on August 22, 2017 by the Department of Finance and on November 7, 2017 by the Dean of the College of Business Administration, is effective beginning the fall semester, 2017.