Why Study Away?

Fashion is a global industry. Here at the KSU School of Fashion, it’s our mission to help you understand what this means in practice.

Our Study Away program is just one of the ways we fulfill the Kent State School of Fashion vision to ‘empower an ecosystem of socially responsible and inventive fashion thinkers’. You’ll learn how to apply your creative problem-solving skills within the ever-evolving international fashion industry, helping you to thrive in any setting. Our Study Away programs, which can take you across Europe, Asia and North America, will help you kick-start your career. Here are just some of the reasons why Study Away can be the making of our students.


We can help your creativity blossom by broadening your horizons with Study Away. You’ll have access to unlimited sources of inspiration during visits to historic, artistic and industry sites. You’ll also spend time observing street style and retail venues around the world to unlock the secrets of new markets and future trends. By interacting with different nations, cultures, and viewpoints - you’ll discover new ways of seeing and thinking.  

Personal Growth

Study Away experiences give our students an opportunity to discover who they really are and what they stand for.  You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your sense of self while developing your ability to understand other viewpoints. Our students learn how to rely on themselves, feeling mature and confident in their ability to make independent decisions, which is a vital skill in the world of fashion. 

Become a Global Citizen

Learning to work with diverse teams will give you the best chance of building a successful, long-lasting fashion career. Our students embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as core professional and personal values. With our Study Away experience, you’ll interact with people from a wide range of cultures to broaden your understanding of how others live and work. Learning how to bridge culture gaps and see the world through new eyes will mean the sky’s the limit for your career. 

Career Success

During your Study Away experience, you’ll enjoy plenty of valuable opportunities to build confidence, motivation, and resourcefulness. And when you return with a greater understanding of different cities and cultures, you’ll have broader perspectives and will approach problem solving with a flexible, creative outlook - all critical, highly sought-after traits for a successful career in the fashion industry.

Our Study Away Program shines a spotlight on our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

These priceless experiences allow our students to apply classroom learnings in diverse real-world settings. By reducing cultural bias, enhancing creativity and increasing self-awareness, we’re helping our fashion students take the first step towards a successful and potentially global career.