Our Design and Construction Studios

Our construction and sewing studio spaces allow our Fashion Design students to develop their designs and their sketching, printmaking, draping, and advanced sewing skills. Students spend their days (and, when a deadline is approaching, their evenings) in these rooms constructing their original garment or collection designs. 

Across Room 312, Room 316, and Room 324, there are around 20 industrial sewing machines with varying seam processes. Room 324 is a sewing studio, which can be used by students in Room 322 and Room 328 alongside their design studio spaces. 

We also have additional space in the M.A.C.C. Annex at the center of campus. Here, our design students can work on their pattern making, draping skills, and projects. This space is available to use during and after class time.

You’ll also find design labs throughout Rockwell HOur Design and Construction Studiosall, alongside the KnitLAB, the TechStyleLAB, the fashion fabrics lab and a computer lab.