How a School of Fashion intern can help your business

The School of Fashion is home to more than 2,000 enrolled students, and we’re still connected with over 4,000 alumni. If you’d like to help young professionals establish a fulfilling career and further their education, while gaining an extra pair of hard-working hands for a while, our internship program will help you do just that.

You’ll have access to an educated and enthusiastic pool of fashion-focused individuals right here. Before they complete their studies, our students must secure an internship and enroll in one of our 3-credit courses: FDM45192 -Internship -Merchandising and/or FDM45292 Internship -Design. We help them build and refine the interpersonal and fundamental skills they’ll need to be an asset to your organization. 

But what’s in it for your company? 

By making space for an intern, you’re offering someone an incredible opportunity and you could learn plenty by bringing in a fresh perspective. As an experienced professional, you’ll pass on knowledge that could prove invaluable to our students. And in return, our students can share their academic understanding of products, the life cycle of supply chain management, and how to take something to market. 

Here at the School of Fashion, we understand what domestic and international consumers need and want. We’re innovative and use our unique perspective to achieve success and build creative and analytical skills along the way.  

And if you form a partnership with the School of Fashion, we’ll help you recruit an intern and/or employee by introducing and promoting your brand to our network. We can work with you to help raise awareness of internship and employment opportunities, sponsored events and workshop development. You’ll be able to grow your professional partnerships and create effective conversion to hire processes. 

If you're interested in becoming an industry partner, please visit our Become an Industry Partner page to find all you need to know about posting opportunities and beginning the partnership.

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