Donors & Friends

Supporting the Next Generation in Fashion

We aim to give our students a well-rounded experience of the fashion industry, and our partners make this possible. 

If you would like to give back to the next generation of fashion professionals with educational, cultural and career opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you run, or wish to offer an internship, or are keen to share your industry insights, there are lots of ways for you to support the next generation with a career in fashion.

General Program Support

Your assistance will shape our students’ learning. By providing design supplies and guest lecturing on specialist subjects, you can enrich the academic lives of our diverse student body.  

Alternatively, you can help us in supporting and investing in the latest technology, commercial equipment and secure places for students at fashion industry events and other related activities.

To explore other unique opportunities to support our students, please contact: 

Jeff Young

Make a Gift to the School of Fashion

Scholarship Support

Study Away

All Kent State fashion students complete an approved ‘Study Away’ experience as part of their degree. By giving our students access to education and cultural experiences in fashion centers of the world, we help to broaden their opportunities. With your support, we can create more success stories for students with financial need. 

A popular option is to create a scholarship in your name, or to honor a family member or mentor. It’s a rewarding way to build a lasting legacy while leaving a lifelong impact on students. For more information on how to get involved with our Global Education Program, please contact:

Jeff Young

Make a Gift to the School of Fashion

Corporate Partnerships

Kent State Fashion is all about real-world experience. We’re open to new ways that we can open our students’ eyes to life in the industry, so please get in touch if you are interested in a partnership.

Our students, along with our faculty leaders, are keen to collaborate with your team to develop new projects, address industry challenges, or develop new technologies and materials. 

To discuss a partnership, please contact Hillary Stone at


Our work ready students relish the opportunity to join industry internships. If you can offer a workplace experience or have a vacancy in your company for one of our alumni to fill, please contact Hillary Stone at